Friday, 16 June 2017

10 Things Slimming World Has Taught Me

1. Eating Huge Quantities Of Fruit And Veg Won't Kill You.
At first it will feel as though your guts will explode but you have to trust me that your digestive system will cope and adjust given enough time.
2. Your IBS Will Get Better.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome is aggravated by a diet that lacks fibre and nutrition. All that internal fat pressing down on the guts doesn't help either. My IBS practically disappeared when I hit my 5 stone award.
3. Do Not Eat Sweets.
You'll see loads of postings on social media about low syn sweets such as Mini Skittles and Squashies. In my experience once I start munching on sweets I can't stop until the shame of the next gain at weigh in wakes me up. Sugar is addictive period.
4. Avoid Alcohol.
Unless you are made of mental steel one drink will lead to two, then three until you're drunk and found munching every kind of wrong out of the cupboards.
5. Take Lots Of Photos.
I know you won't feel like it at the start but pics are great to look back on when you hit your targets, Its easy to make then and now pics on a photo app for bragging on social media about your fantastic progress.
6. Oats Are Your Friend.
Whether you make overnight oats, oaty pancakes, baked oats or overnight oats, oats will keep you going all day if necessary and this is crucial if to avoid snacking. I make overnight oats when I know I wont have time to make breakfast in the morning and baked oats on days off, porridge on cold winter mornings and oaty pancakes on long lazy Sundays.
7. You Will Become A Food Detective.
Not all ready made foods are equal. There are some tortellini you can get with very few syns and there are others that are loaded with calories and therefore syns. You will be found standing in the supermarket with a packet in one hand and the slimming world app open in the other. And like a true expert you will suddenly start advising your Slimming World friends at group.
8. Your Breathing Will Improve
When I first went to group I couldn't breathe, I caught the bus to group which was quarter of a mile away and to my horror I found the group was upstairs! I seriously considered using the lift but thought that was beyond embarrassing so I huffed and puffed up two flights of stairs. Now I run up and down stairs and walk for miles.
9. You Don't Need To Be Afraid Of The Scales Any More.
Weigh in days make you accountable. There's no guilt with Slimming World so weighing in isn't about fear its about taking responsibility for the week before and making a plan for the week ahead. Every day has a reset button if you wander off plan. With Slimming World you can eat what you want when you want, there are no banned foods.
10. You'll Be Turned Off By Junk Food
Once all that healthy nutritious fruit and veg gets into your system you'll start to feel better, your body will adapt and take the energy it needs from cleaner food. Your palate will get used to the taste of fresh food and given time fatty, salty and even sugary refined foods will taste off putting.

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